Katrina Forest

Credentials: Professor, Department of Bacteriology

Email: forest@bact.wisc.edu

Katrina Forest is a faculty member in the UW Department of Bacteriology, and affiliated with the Chemical Biology and Biophysics PhD programs. Forest’s research interests are in the structural biology of microbial proteins. She has published 80 scientific articles and is most well-known for explaining the structural bases of pilus retraction and of red light photoperception in bacteria. Dr. Forest has a long-standing collaboration with the lab of Romé Voulhoux at the CNRS in Marseille. She was a Resident of IMéRA (Institut D’Études Avancées), Aix Marseille Université in 2015. From 2019-2021, Katrina holds an Einstein Visiting Fellow appointment at the Technische Universität Berlin.